Get Hooked On Hatch

Get Hooked on Hatch

Get Hooked On Hatch

Our produce experts don’t wear capes, but they’re pretty much Hatch Chile heroes. Not only do they search far and wide for chiles bursting with flavor, they’re also an epicurean authority on everything from picking to prepping. Get ready to deepen your addiction to the Southwest’s most coveted pepper because this year, we brought the heat—and a how-to on how to handle it.

Step One: Pick Your Peppers

Don’t wonder if you brought home the freshest, most delicious, Hatch green chiles— know you did.

Step Two: Rip, Rumble and Roast

Try out a hot technique that works for you the next time you Hatch a plan to start roasting.

Hungry for a Hands-Free Method?

We’ll roast ‘em for you in-store. It’s absolutely free (and even more fun).

Step 3: Prep Your Pepps for Greatness

Once your chiles are charred a deliciously blistered black color, they’re ready to be peeled.

Step Four: Get Kickin’ in the Kitchen

There’s no wrong way to use a Hatch chile. Liven up your palate with these two undeniably yummy (and unique) recipes.

hatch chile pepper

Hatch Chicken Alfredo

This creamy classic just got a bold makeover—and you’re going to love it.

Spicy Vanilla Milkshake

The all-American milkshake just learned how to salsa. Trust us, it’s enough to make your taste buds shout ¡Olé!

Craving more hatch?
Melissa’s Hatch Chile Cookbook

Hungry for More Hatch-tastic Recipes?

We have a book for you! Visit us in-store to purchase your copy of Melissa’s Hatch Chile Cookbook!

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