Savor a Splash of Strawberry with These Sweet Recipes
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Savor a Splash of Strawberries

Strawberries For Every Meal

Savor a Splash of Strawberries

They’re nature’s candy, your body’s best friend and the sweetest way to shake up your palate. Below you’ll find three ways to add a splash of strawberry to your diet, though be warned: once you start savoring this versatile fruit, you might not be able to stop.

Strawberry 5
Freeze Them

Grab your spoon and enjoy a sunny afternoon one mouthful at a time.

Strawberry Sorbet
Strawberry 5
Strawberry Tea
Drink Them

We take our tea the way we take our berries: sweet as can be.

Strawberry 5
Bake Them

Preheat your oven for this strawberry delight and the dessert table will never be the same.

Strawberry Cake
Strawberry 5

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Make today berry delicious.